Professional writing and editing services

Web content

I can produce valuable, smart, and engaging content for your website, blog or content marketing needs. When your relevant, educational or inspirational content is taken care of, you can spend your creative energy and focus on your business. My areas of expertise are marketing, travel, technology, software and apps, productivity, literature and creative writing. I work with you to understand the interests and needs of your audience and to integrate content into your strategy.

Creative storytelling

Telling stories is my specialty. For fiction, I can proofread and edit your short story, flash fiction or novel until it is ready for submission to a literary agent or publisher. If you are at an earlier stage in your project, I can help you develop your characters, plot and story. I am also available for ghostwriting stories from scratch.

For non-fiction storytelling, I can bring people and their ideas and passions to life on the page in detailed portraits. In travel writing, I enjoy highlighting a destination in a way that takes the reader on a complete journey from beginning to end.

Complete book manuscripts

You have a book in you, but it’s just not happening? A book is a great way of sharing your story or idea with the world. Yet many aspiring writers are struggling with finding the time to write or overcoming the block induced by that daunting blank page. Handing over the entire process to a professional might be just for you.

Before ghostwriting your book, I first discuss your idea with you to establish a position. We will look at your topic, your goals and your target audience together to decide what is right for your needs. As we talk more about your book, I create an outline that will structure your book. After that, it is your turn to talk: for non-fiction books, I will interview you to gather your ideas and expertise on the subject. For fiction, we will explore your characters and their motives and you will describe the story arch and major plot points.

From the interviews, I will draft a manuscript and review it with your before editing it into a final version that will appeal to your audience and which you can submit to an agent or a publisher or publish as an ebook. In addition, I can research potential markets for your book or connect you with professionals to design and publish your book in digital format.

Reviewing and editing

Your web content must be readable and grammatically correct, provide accurate information and be able to convert. I can review your website to see if your copy is as compelling, informative, convincing or inspirational as it can be. For content editing, I consider the needs of your audience, SEO, readability and appeal to tell captivating stories and make your content stand out.

For manuscripts of fiction and non-fiction work, I offer proofreading as well as editing. Are you stuck halfway through your novel? Are you receiving rejection letters but believe in your story? Are you not sure which style guide to follow? I can help you with editing your manuscript to fit the requirements for a certain market, publisher or agent and shape your manuscript so your work can reach its full potential.

You can contract me for any of these services, or request an individual package. You have something entirely different that interests you or that you want to propose? Contact me!