I have written a Barcelona city guide, and it has finally been published as an ebook! So far only the German version is available, with an English translation soon to follow.

Barcelona is an incredible and inspiring city, and I’ve come to be a Barcelover and call this place my home. The sea, the Mediterranean cuisine, the climate and the city’s character continue to fascinate me every day. The guide offers a local’s perspective on Barcelona’s creativity and many attractions, with a special approach that allows you to get to discover Barcelona apart from its tourist facade.Jakob writes - Booktrip Barcelona City Guide

The publisher BookTrip offers ebook travel guides with a new concept. Each guide offers all the essential information you need to prepare for your trip and see a specific city or country. You will find everything you need to know to plan your trip without having to spend time every single detail yourself. The format is short, compact and condensed, yet contains substantial information and countless links if you want to pursue a topic in depth. Plenty of pictures will give you an impression of your destination, and extensive bonus material such as videos and blog articles are available online to round out each ebook.Jakob writes - Booktrip Barcelona City Guide

Check out the Barcelona ebook in more detail, or get your copy on Amazon. The English version is also now available!