I have written a Barcelona City Guide for Booktrip, which is availableĀ in English and German as PDF or Amazon Kindle digital download.

Jakob writes - Booktrip Barcelona City Guide

The Barcelona guidebook includes 16 chapters and a bonus category in a practical ebook format available as PDF or epub. It contains all the essential information you need for a city trip to Barcelona. You can skip the lengthy research and because everything you need for planning your stay is right there at your fingertips, easy to access. You’ll be perfectly prepared and have many links to further attractions and activities once you have arrived.

Jakob writes - Booktrip City Guide - Barcelona panorama

Barcelona panorama (photo credit: Lorenza Cerbini)

Booktrip is a digital publisher specialized in topics around travel planning and preparation. Their series of travel guides is written by independent authors like myself with a passion for travel. Each Booktrip ebook is focused on either a city or a country and provides all the essential information in a compact, condensed and highly informative format. Great design, interactive audio and video and bonus tips transform your travel research into an engaging experience. Booktrip’s great promise is that you only have to invest less than an hour of reading time to be up-to-date about everything you need to know about your destination.

Each Booktrip guide offers the following sections:

  • The destination
  • Highlights
  • Climate and weather
  • Travel routes
  • Preparation and planning
  • Packing list
  • Getting around and transportation
  • Cuisine
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Cost and budget
  • People and culture
  • Language
  • Safety and politics
  • Services
  • Apps and media

The Booktrip Barcelona City Guide is available in English and German.