Writing and editing services


Telling stories is my specialty. I’m always eager to hear storytelling proposals and will consider working on a project according to matching interest and availability.

Developmental Editing

I work with authors so their work can reach its full potential. Regardless of the current stage of your project, I can help evaluate and develop characters, plot and story of any length. Do you have a loose idea that you want to flesh out? Are you stuck halfway through your novel? Are you receiving rejection letters but believe in your story? Let’s examine and test the foundation of your story together!

In developmental editing, I work with you on the ensemble of characters and their motives to drive the action. From major plot points, we’ll establish the story beats and story arch to construct a plot. We can then describe the structure in a detailed outline or work down towards a list of chapters or scenes.

For many writers, this work is insightful to get started or become unstuck, but you can also contract me to further shape your manuscript until it is ready for submission to a literary agent or publisher.


I bring people and their ideas and passions to life on the page in detailed portraits. In travel writing, I enjoy highlighting a destination in a way that takes the reader on a complete journey from beginning to end. For non-fiction projects, I usually conduct extended interview to gather your ideas and insights so the final manuscript can best represent your expertise on the subject.


You have a book in you, but it’s just not happening? Struggle with finding the time to write or writer’s block induced by the daunting blank page don’t have to keep you from sharing your story. Before ghostwriting your book, I first discuss your idea with you to establish a position. We will look at your topic, your goals and your target audience together to decide what fits your needs. I’ll create a first draft from a structured outline which we will review together. I’ll then edit the manuscript so you can start submitting or work towards publication.

Creative Writing

In my own creative writing, I focus on literary fiction short and long, screenwriting, as well as poetry in both English and German. I’ve also published books for children and I write romantic fiction under a pseudonym. I haven’t yet sold my soul for a publishing deal, but the opportunity will come.

Web Content

I produce valuable and engaging contentĀ for your blog or content marketing needs, so you can spend your energy and focus on growing your business. My areas of expertise include:

  • travel and outdoor activities
  • languages and online learning
  • technology, software and apps
  • business and marketing
  • productivity and self-improvement
  • storytelling, literature and creative writing

I work with you to adapt to the interests and needs of your audience and to integrate into your content team and strategy.


A selection of clients I’ve worked with so far.

Initial consultation always free. You have something entirely different that interests you or that you want to propose? Contact me!